Our Activities

"Mentally sick and the abandoned people who are brought in the wretched conditions will be cleaned and bathed, hairs trimmed, clothed with new dress, fed with food and medical treatments if required, in order to rehabilitate and bring them back to the sober conditions so that they can lead a normal life like any other human beings".

Hospital Ministry:

Shandhi Mandiram workers, along with the sober inhabitants who are leading normal lives, visit the Medical College and the General Hospital in Trivandrum twice a month as part of their hospital ministry. With the permission from the hospital Superintendent, they clean and cut hairs of the abandoned and orphaned patients and provide the necessary clothes and food to them.

Sneha pothi:

It is another way of service undertaken by Shandi Mandiram workers whereby they distribute food packets in the evening every day for the street wanderers, especially mentally sick people including the aged and destitute in the railway station, bus stand and other public places etc.

Ambulance Service:

Shandhi Mandiram’s ambulance vehicle is used for attending the emergency hospital cases for the public as well as the bed-ridden patients lying at home.

Medical Camp:

On the 3rd Wednesday of every month there will be a medical camp at Shandhi Mandiram premise, led by Govt. Homeo Hospital Trivandrum. This camp facility will be open to the public also beside the inhabitants.

Medical Checkup:

Medical checkups are provided to all the inhabitants regularly. Support in this regard is obtained from former superintendent of MHC and the psychiatry specialist, Dr. Abdul Bari, and the doctors from Medical College and General Hospital, Trivandrum, and also from Govt. Social Health Centre, Kanyakulangara.

Financial Support:

The institution meets its maintenance expenditure solely depending on the generous donations and whole-hearted support from individuals, various organizations as well as the public. Even though there are financial crises at times, the inhabitants’ needs are fulfilled through God’s providence always.

We provide Emergency and Casualty Services to the unknown and unwanted.
We gather the unwanted, discarded, old and helpless, handicapped, beggars ,the mentally retarded and accommodate in Santhi Mandiram.
We bathe the patients, provide descent clothing, food and secure accommodation .
We provide occupational and recreational treatment for patients.
We provide psychiatric care to the mentally ill patients.
We Collect food for the inmates from sources like kalyanamandapams, hotels, other charitable centres and well-wishers.
We collect dresses for the inmates from different sources.
We co-ordinate the services of the volunteers and organizations for the inmates.