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Persons with disabilities, especially mentally challenged persons, even today continue to be one of the most disadvantaged groups in all societies. They are oppressed and ostracized without any exception of religion, caste, colour or language. In spite of their limitations they are subjected to social discrimination, lack of opportunities and impoverished educational and social experiences. In the rural areas, this is very conspicuous by the absence of services. Our task ahead is to work towards creating a more just and flexible social order in which persons with disabilities too can live with dignity and self-esteem. The sole aim of Santhi Mandiram is liberation and empowerment, liberating disabled people from the shackles of rejection and helplessness. SANTHI MANDIRAM will certainly be a beacon of light for persons with mental retardation, Santhi Mandiram means "the abode of peace" and this centre is determined to provide the best sevices to persons with disabilities especially mentally challenged people.

All donations are tax exempted under section 80G of the Income Tax Act.
SANTHI MANDIRAM is also permitted to receive foreign donations under F.C.R.A.
Cheque or DD to be drawn in favour of "SANTHI MANDIRAM".
All donations will be acknowledged with receipts.

We need your support and good will to provide better services to our special people. you can help us.
By visiting our institution
By spreading awareness on disability
By celebrating your joyfull occations with our inmates.
By sponsoring their boarding expenses for a month, year or more
By serving as Clinical Psychologists
By serving as Trained Social Workers
By serving as nurses
By serving as occupational Instructors
By Sponsoring cultural events for the recreation of the patients.
By Sponsoring machinery and equipments, buildings, furniture and occupational instructors for rehabilitation works.
By Providing extra food for the patients on special occasions.
By Providing new clothing to the patients.
By performing as volunteers for interaction with the patients with willingness to participate in structured programmes.
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Cheque or DD to be drawn in favour of "SANTHI MANDIRAM". All donations will be acknowledged with receipts.